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Ethics Resources

Why does the Board of Ethics (BOE) operate separately? Why is the BOE required to keep case info private? Why does the BOE not allow anonymous complaints? Sr. Director of Ethics, Katharine Meyer Esq. answers top Board of Ethics questions.

If you have questions about an ethics complaint or self-reporting, or need guidance on an ethical dilemma, please reach out to the ASHA Ethics Office at

File an Ethics Complaint or Self-Report

Complaints and self-reports may now be filed online. Find relevant forms and instructions below.

Webinar: Navigating the Revised ASHA Code of Ethics (2023)

Join the live webinar on February 16! Learn about the important updates made in the new Code of Ethics (2023).

Search the ASHA ethics violation history of a CCC-SLP, CCC-A, C-AA or C-SLPA.

Verify ASHA Public Ethics History


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